Now . . . I shall introduce my self. . .

My name is Umi Nur Hanifah. . . My Nickname is Hanif.

It is naver change since I was born 20 years ago. Ummm,  at 1990 July, 25. Hehehee… Yupz, that is my birthday date. Don’t forget, Ukkaiy. . .!!! ^_^

Now, I’m a student of 4th semester at Science Faculty_ (Sains Education A/’08), Yogyakarta State University. I’m very happy in my class, because like I get 2nd family here. . .   (Love you all my friends…and my teacher)

. I have a younger brother and a younger sista. And, I have my lovely parents of course.. they’re My Inspiration and My Power

Then, enjoy my blog… I Hope You would like to give suggestion about my Blogger in order that it can be Perfect

.Motto Hidup Saya :

@ Berjuang untuk mendapatkan sesuatu bukan menunggu untuk mendapatkannya. . .

@ Be My Self. . .& bergerak menuju langkah yang Pasti


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